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Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« on: November 22, 2010, 12:42:58 PM »
Fishing from the shore in Langebaan is very popular as it is safe and provides a relaxed atmosphere for the whole family. Normally these anglers are rigged for surf fishing ,but use this gear also to fish the lagoon.Fishing from the shore certainly is an art and one that each angler has developed in it`s own unique way.Nevertheless,it might be an idea to just check on the basics again.
This requires practise and the experienced angler should be able to put the sinker within one meter from the desired spot.It is a good idea to practice on an open field and to attend casting clinics.
The type of rod should be light,about 12ft with a line strength of about 10kg.Many anglers use heavy equipment which they use also with surf angling and that makes it difficult to sense a small Stump "sucking" on the bait.Some of those rods and reels are so heavy that it requires a rod holder and this makes it worse to actually “feel”the fish ,especially if that fish is only a 35cm Stump.
The Cape is still strong on tradition ,but come to think of it..a spinning reel(coffee grinder) and light rod should actually do the trick and maybe better.When purchasing a spinning reel,always go for one with the clutch in front…those with it at the back works for fresh water.If you know what is under the water,then you would not try to cast your sinker right onto Schaapen Island.It might make you feel good to show off that grand reel and flashy rod and to show the guys how far you are able to cast,but that good can turn to shame if you don`t go home with a fry.


Many anglers have the ability to wind that cotton onto the bait more,thicker and better than any spider can wish for.Leave your rod at home and just go and watch how they do it….unbelievable and definitely the wrong way.The cotton should actually not be used..this is the way to think …and now wind it on.White mussel should be attached only on the tongue side with the guts hanging loose.Only tie the very top of the tongue down.This means,wind the mussel around the hook and penetrating it with every wind of the mussel around the hook.Prawn should be penetrated at the point where the body meets the tail and then only wind down the very tip of the tail.Dead fish bait should be put on whole with no cotton and by using a bait needle…or cut into tin long strips…never just a piece of blob like so many anglers do.Chokka must be cut into a long diamond shape,well tenderized and cut a few tentacles at the bottom to make it move under the water.

Fishing Skills---

Keep the line tight at all times.Don`t point your rod to where the line is,keep the rod at a 40 deg angle and let the tip do the work.By the way a very soft tip is not good,so spend some money and get a decent rod that can do the job…I suggest one with a medium action,thin,light and about 12ft in length.Why some guys hold the rod with both arms like carrying braaiwood,or holding so upright like a soldier carrying a .303 rifle in the 2nd world war…beats me.Do not strike hard,just gentle and when the fish is on,then get into the rhythm of lifting the rod,then lower it with two turns,lift again and lower with two turns and so on.Make sure that the fish can take line if it needs to do it.And dear friends,please do not throw raw sea water on your reel…so many of us do it?Crazy.Change the bait very often,but take the old bait off the hook.If a fish has been there,but the bait still “looks” ok,take it off and replace it if you want to catch fish. If the bait has been untouched for a long time,change it as the juice has gone.
A shark will go down deep,but an edible fish will surface…that`s the way to tell.A Kob will not fight hard,but will pull strong…play it and don`t rush it….you will feel that “kopstamp”.When you have hooked an Elf,then reel it in as fast as possible,no rhythm required.The Elf will bite through the line or spit the hook out somehow if you try to “play” it….just wind in fast,even if it tail walks.

Different Spots---

Take the tide into consideration when choosing a spot.When the tide is going out,then set up spot as far North as possible…the warmer water pushing up will allow those popular spots to become very active.With incoming tide,the temperature might drop to below ideal,that is when you have to choose a spot more south as the water might be warmer there .Spring tide open up a lot of food for the fish,but the strong current could get all sorts of weed stuck to your line…so rather fish shorter times around tide turns . Between tides,stay away from Paaltjies as there is a very strong current and a bit of a reef/bank there that will make things worse when it is Spring tide.
*South of the high rocks next to the prawn banks.You need to wade in far,but it can be a brilliant spot and you might have a better chance there to pick up Elf and Kob…and oh yes a Steenbras.There is a nice channel of about 4 meters deep going down to the prawn banks.
*The high rocks is a good area for Stumps.There are lots of small shellfish(also the illegal ones) and all sorts of food there which attracts the fish.Average dept is about 5 meter.There is also a deep hole of about 10 meters deep,but I find it not very productive in that hole.
*Around the Yacht club you can expect Elf,Stumps and maybe Kob.This is one of the best areas to fish on days when the boats are few.
*On the rocks close to the “three houses” just north of the Yacht Club,you will pick up sharks,Stumps,maybe a Kob and maybe a Steenbra.There is a nice drop off into 5 meter of water and further out it goes up to 7 meter,but then you have to cast far and into strong water.Rather stay just off the drop off.
*Paaltjies and the Navy base produce all sorts of fish as there is a nice sandbank close to the navy slipway which allows lots of protection for the fish and with a steep drop off,there are lots of food.This is always a good area and maybe the most productive from the shore.Fifty meters from the drop off gives a dept of 8 meters and quite a lot of sand structures…perfect.Just be carefull,that drop off could cut your line when you reel in too slow…it is sharp.
*The Spit,just north of Pearly`s is a sandy area,not very deep,only about 4 meter and lots of sandy structures and gullies. This is an idea area where Smooth Hounds can operate.
*Leentjiesklip has many rocky structures and is ideal for Stumps and Kolstert.Average dept about 5 meters.Quite a lot of growth at the bottom.
*Mykonos and Paradise beach rocks produce Stumps,Kolstert,at times geelbek and Kob and when they are around,you will have your hands full.There are also hotties and even galjoen.
*Spreeuwalle is known for Kob and also sharks.You will also find Stumps,St Joseph,Elf,Kolstert and even Leervis.This is a good area when the South West/East has been pumping for a few days.But the angler has to be fit to walk a lot and must have lot`s of patience.
Well this is just an overview of what to expect and not an in detailed guide. I am not an experienced shore angler and know very well that many might differ from my view point…however I guess some could benefit from it.Try it!
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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2010, 12:55:36 PM »
oom Daisy does it again... :thanks:

I really enjoyed reading this.  :clap:

Now for the weekend outlook...i cant wait  :flag:

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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2013, 01:06:36 PM »
Thank you for your great advise.  :good job:
It is nice getting it from an experience fisherman.

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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2013, 11:31:00 PM »

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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2014, 01:55:47 PM »
Great thread for beginners like myself.  :thanks:

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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2015, 06:26:38 PM »
Thank you for this article.  Followed the instructions this morning and was rewarded with two stumpnose. 

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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #6 on: January 06, 2015, 11:22:25 AM »
Hi Oom Daisy,

So glad to hear from you again and it was really pleasant to read you Langebaan Outlooks again.
I have learnt alot from these posts and it is through this knowledge that Gillies like me enjoy themselves when making a trip to the baan.

I plan on going to the baan for a weekend around the end of January, we might look to go on charter with old "Jurie"

thanks again for the post. VERY NAAAAAAAs!!
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Re: Langebaan Shore Angling Guide for the Beginner.
« Reply #7 on: August 20, 2016, 07:39:33 AM »
Hi Oom thanks fro the advise .
I will be going that next weekend.
I will search for these areas .
Thanks and I hope to put a few pics up on the forum of my catch.