Author Topic: Plettenberg Bay - Spotty & Smooth Hound  (Read 989 times)

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Plettenberg Bay - Spotty & Smooth Hound
« on: December 07, 2010, 07:45:54 AM »
I’m well aware that most of the social anglers in Plett prefer to catch edible fish but today I would like to talk to you about two of the most common shark species that we found in are local waters right throughout the year, namely the Spotted Gully Shark and the Smooth-Hound Shark.

Spotted Gully Shark:
Pound for pound one of the strongest and dirtiest fighters you can get and ones hooked they will make their way to the nearest rock and just cut you off or just snap your line. During the years I have learned ones you get picked up by a Spotty don’t give it any line and pull as hard as possible otherwise you gonna get a hiding. Best bait for a Spotty is a fresh Mullet, Chokka, Mackerel and Octopus. The best spots to target a Spotty are rocky areas, but if your tackle is not correct and you a newbie the chances are very good that you will be broken off 9 out of 10 times.

Smooth Hounds:
Not as dirty fighter as a Spotty, but they still give you a very good fight on medium tackle. The best spots to target Smooth Hounds are Natures Valley Beach, Keurbooms Beach and Hoby Beach. Best bait for a Smooth Hound are Chokka, Octopus, Mullet and bloody baits like Red Eye, Pilchard, and Anchovy. Combo baits also work well.

Both the Spotty and Smooth Hound can be caught on normal throw baits so you don’t need to slide to target them. Just be very careful when handling them as they don’t lay still and when you fishing with two hooks there is a possibility that you can end up with a hook in your hand or leg.

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