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Cheap Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes sale
« on: April 11, 2018, 09:04:36 AM »
The greatest sneaker ever made just won't quit. Air Jordan Mens trainersit is quite intent on maintaining it's "The Best Sneaker Ever Made" status. And it is has no problem in working hard to do so. The Nike Air Force One is at it again. This shoe will not stop releasing. And it will not stop releasing in a variety of materials and colorways. It has already dropped in over 1800 different versions. It has been released in so many different colorways that it is impossible to account for each and every one. By now all true sneakerheads are fully aware that this shoe will continue to be released, and released frequently. The Air Force One has no limits. With each new release, it is will continue to top itself and create a version that has never been seen before. This shoe is as relentless as a honey badger. The Nike Air Force One was created in 1982 and was the first shoe to use the legendary Nike Air technology. Released as a basketball in a mid-cut and high-cut model, the shoe was just too heavy and didn't provide the support that basketball players needed. As a result, the Air Force One became the most popular casual sneaker ever made. It's sleek design and appearance made it a perfect fit for any colorway that could be imagined.

The new nike air jordan 1colorway is a perfect example of how this shoe continues to impress with it's creativity. This brand new edition of the hardest working shoe in the sneaker business uses grey wool on the entire upper of the shoe. It looks like this AF1 was contemplating about whether it wanted to be a casual sneaker or a pair of warm winter slippers. I guess it decided on being both. While grey takes care of the upper, including the Swoosh, the out sole is also done in a grey solid, durable rubber. The shoe is finished off with a clean white pair of laces. This shoe simply never fails to impress sneakerheads. Regardless of the what colorway and material it drops in, this is the best looking casual shoe on the market. The best sneaker in the business is still working hard. It has to. It is the only way it is going to keep it's title. The Nike Air Force One continues to release in the most creative designs and colorways that the sneaker community has ever seen. I don't suspect that will stop. In fact, I can't wait for the next edition. Myself and other avid sneakerheads won't have to wait long. This shoe is already working on it's next release.

Now this is what makes being a sneakerhead air jordan 3One of the new LeBron 9's that is going to be released has been dubbed "Scarface". That's right. As in Al Pacino as Scarface. How cool is that? As sneakerheads, we definitely live in the golden age of basketball kicks. Every new sneaker that is dropped seems to now have a title. Miami Night, Grinch, Dark Knight, and South Beach are all titles we have seen on Nike shoes for basketball that have dropped recently. Of course, I could keep going but the list is endless. It didn't used to be like this people. I can still vividly remember the days of sneaker drops in black and white colorways only that certainly didn't have a cool title. My how the times have change. The Lebron 9 "Scarface" uses both white and black on it's upper. An upper that for the first time on a Nike shoe, features both Flywire and Hyperfuse technologies. The forefoot portion of the shoe is white and accents the Flywire very nicely in red. The rear portion of the upper is black and uses a white Swoosh. The upper portion of the midsole is black while the lower portion uses red and contains the Nike Air unit. This color scheme reflects not only the advertising for the movie but also represents the Heat very well.

Unlike the Kobe Bryant signature Air Jordan 32line, King James and his signature sneakers are going forth and multiplying. Already we have seen several colorways of the new LeBron 9. A LeBron 9 that has yet to see a single release. In addition, to Lebron's signature sneaker, his "Soldier", "Ambassador" and V/2 series are all looking like they will be making appearances very soon. As you can see, Lebron's shoe line is working very hard. King James has also worked very hard in the promotion of these shoes. He and Nike shoe designer Jason Petrie have spent a lot of time abroad promoting his new shoe. Most of his time lately has been spent in China. Let's just hope Lebron is doing the same during this off season. He needs to finally get an NBA Finals Championship Ring. That way his new LeBron 9 can drop in a beautiful metallic gold colorway. We can expect to see more themed colorways from the new Lebron 9. It seems as if this shoe is filling the void left empty by the Kobe VI and VII. That is a good thing. This shoe gives me a reason to cop a pair and throw a copy of the newly released Blu-ray edition of "Scarface" in my PS3. Life is good!