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How to make a Slide Trace

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Here is a quick tutorial for all the newbies that would like to make their own slide traces.

Slide traces can be used for targeting sharks or for targeting Cob when sliding out a live mullet.  For Cob you can scale down on the wire strengh, but if there are sharks in the water, keep it at minimum 150lbs.

What you will need:

150 - 200lbs Carbon Coated Steel
Heavy Duty Slide Clip
2 x 10/0 Strong hooks
Wire Cutter
Heatshrink + Lighter

The length of the slide has to be adjusted to where you will be fishing.  For a sandy beach I make mine about 50cm to help me get over the sandbanks.  From deep water points you can make it longer.

Start off by cutting a length of steel for your slide.

Take the first hook and start your knot by making a flemish eye loop,

Pull the flemish loop tight,

then start wrapping the tag end around the main line:

Make at least ten tighly turned coils around the main line:

Hook the hook onto something for you to pull the wire tight.  Use the lighter and heat up the coils.  This will melt the coating.  Use the pliers and bunch up the coils towards the hook.  Wait for it to cool and trim the tag end,

Then take a piece of heat shrink and finish it off:

Now to add your second hook.  I like to snell mine about 10-15cm above the first hook.  Enter the eye of the hook from the back, make a few tight coils around the hook shank and then pull the tag end through the eye of the hook again.  Try to make the hook point stand out in the opposite direction of the first hook:


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