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 :Idontknow: Hi there, does anyone have any kite-fishing rigs to share? I would like to make my own kite, and use it get some extra distance from the shore. What do you guys think?

Without shooting down your idea - as I think its a good one - my experience of the bloody wind in and around Cape Town is that its always in your face. I would be interested to see if anyone else has some more constructive input. We do get plenty of wind - would be nice if we could harness it.

Would love to try it in our area. I think it will work on places like Strandfontein, in a north-wester the wind will be right in your back, and if you time it right the water will be still warm enough to fish. Maybe an excellent idea just on the change of the season, April/May, I think you will hook into some real monsters.

Would be great to try.
Check out this link
attached is a pic.
The rig shows a 3 way swivel between the main line and the kite.
In a wind that would carry the kite out, wont that make it diffucult to bring in, you would be fighting your bus (Hopefully) and the wind as there is no way to detach the mainline.
So the rig looks cool but maybe needs to change to allow the bait and sinker to detatch.

Thanks sonic. I have seen this website before, and came to the same conclusion as you. There is a rig that I saw, somewhere in my distant past, of south-african design, involving a match-stick that can be broken, so as to release the bait and sinker. My late great uncle Hennie used to use it. It also had no bottle, and was much simpler, if I'm remembering right. That's as much as I can remember of it though. I've been trying to reinvent it, but have battled. Is there no-one out there who has tried this? If not, I'm sure we can get a prototype working eventually. Someone invented it first, right? I'm going to go back to that website and look at kite designs.  Thanks, all for your input. I'll keep you posted, and let me know if you come up with any ideas, re stable kites, dropaway rigs, etc. Cheers! :thks:


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