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do i just have no luck or what?


Howsit okes and sea dogs! I spent holidays in struisbaai catching boats full of yellowtail and geelbek since i was a laaitie.. red stumpnose big enough to break a door down with..


shore fishing? nothing worth mentioning. Ive caught loads of elf, black tail etc - but im still waiting for that 15+kg kob or white Steenbras. I just bought two pen reels and a rod and will be tackling some spots in cpt.

Ive literally fished next to an oke, who 2 hours after i left after a 6 hour session caught 7 massive white steenbras(!!).. Im starting to take note of water temps and whatnot - but i have no real idea. I can sput good gulleys and so forth quite well - just never hooked a big one.. If u guys have any tips ito when, where, bait tips in and around Cape Town that wd be greatly appreciated -

also what line do u recommend? nothing 5 star price but a good balance as opposed to the cheap stuff. yikes ive broke some 14kg line simply by pulling the knot tight!!!


Really tough one  but think its law of averages. If you go to just go fishing your catch rate will not be great unless you have a lot of luck.
the key is to go when the conditions are right to go. This will increase your chances .
this works the same with Offhsore fishing. planning your trip is key.

gone are the days we just go to get out as its expensive ...don't get me wrong I still go just to get out of the house and work but then I don't get upset if I blank

best bet is to go with guys that know the areas and get a group going . helps if you know someone False bay /West coast etc etc and call to get some advise on condiitons and if the fish are around.

We know Se is good for false bay but def increase in catches when the south east changes to NW.  just before the cold front the fish become active.

west coast....tricky have to go when everything is perfect. The locals know but don't share there info. That'll never change.

Many guys are turning to multiplier reels with Braid. I'm using this on my 9ft Dominator and must say...its awesome. Def value for money long term and distance etc etc way better.

other wise .45 double x is my preference.



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