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In acknowledgement of the unity in sport in South Africa in general and the formation of one single controlling body for shore angling, in particular, the Western Province Rock & Surf Angling Association (W.P.R. & S.A.A.) and Western Province Anglers Association (W.P.A.A.) merged on the twenty sixth day of May 1994 to form a single controlling body for organized angling in the Western Cape. This body shall be the sole representative of all organized competitive shore angling for the Province.

The name of the Association is the Western Cape Shore Angling Association.

The headquarters of W.C.S.A.A. will be the same as that of the annually appointed President or Secretary.  The postal address at present is:  P O Box 563, SANLAMHOF, 7532.


•   To be the governing body of its member clubs and to administer the sport of amateur shore angling amongst its clubs.
•   To maintain and foster the best traditions of amateur shore angling.
•   To define the status of amateur shore angling in its Clubs and their members and to do,  whatever may be necessary or expedient to maintain and uphold the same.
•   To further the rights, interests, or status, of amateur shore anglers in general.
•   To make and enforce rules, regulations and conditions governing the sport of amateur shore angling in all its facets, and all matters pertaining thereto, including the nomination of individuals and election of teams.
•   To arrange and settle dates, venues and other details, of inter-club and any other competitions.
•   To affiliate with, or to, any other body having objects in any way similar to these objects, in the Republic of South Africa or elsewhere, including, inter alias, national bodies.
•   To join with any such body in carrying out of objects in anyway similar to these objects, and to participate in inter- provincial, national and international contests or competitions, and to control the award of Provincial Badges and Colors to members selected to  represent in such competitions.
•   To promote and encourage conservation of the marine environment, the resources and to ensure the continuation of the sport of Shore Angling.
•   To inform all members of any amendments to the laws governing marine species and/ or the coastal environment.
•   To gather reliable information about angling, angling resorts and fishes and to make it available to Member Clubs.


The Association consists of member clubs, such member clubs and their
affiliated  members having their respective residential addresses within the
magisterial districts    of Malmesbury to the south of the 33 deg. 30 minute South
Latitude, Bellville, Cape, Wynberg, Goodwood, Simonstown, Kuilsriver,
Mitchells Plain, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Paarl and Wellington.
No Member club or individual member residing within the, above described
boundaries may be a member of any other Association, except as a social 

The Association shall ensure that its member clubs adhere to the principles of
non-   racialism and non-sexism, and shall accept members irrespective of their
race, color, creed or religion.
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